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Some novelties in game.

Posted by realizaestudios - 8 days ago

I apologize for having been absent so many days, I have been working on more things that will come out soon in the base game. Among these novelties are that of the in-game objects that I have been working on as well as the new levels of the game and I making small sketches of the maps and enemies they will contain.

Stay tuned for future news. Soon there will be playable version only for those who support me in Patreon: Check out!

Now I will present 2 of these rewards in game and the improvements they will bring to your games that they will be more varied and different.


M4A1-Snow: Higher rate of fire, less damage.


Skin - Snow Capitalist (English). Capitalista de las nieves (Spanish): Improve your score gain x2, reduce the reload speed of the weapon.


Comments (2)

Cool! I hope you will post the sketches :)

Hm, will the improved rate of fire on the M4A1 give more recoil (kick) of the gun in its statistics, not just visually, or faster crosshair expansion (less accuracy)?

Hah, that's a really nice hat :) will you have a a hidden dropman, puzzle, or strong enemy that will drop it?

Gracias amigo, es un placer responder siempre cualquier pregunta que tengas sobre la mecánica del juego :).

The bullets will not expand, they will always be straight. This is because most enemies will come in straight hordes to you and thus give a more arcade touch like the Metal Slug machine gun (if you have not yet played any Metal Slug, I recommend strongly do it for being one of the best classics for arcade machines that I have played more specifically the 3rd game of the franchise for me the best) following with the machine gun also played as an additional reward within the game, so until that the ammo ran out and you went back to the "default" weapon, that's the idea I have in mind with the reward weapons of the game :).

In the M4A1 - Snow, for example you will have 100 shots before returning to the defalut weapon.

The weapon being a rifle and not a double-barrel shotgun like the default weapon, will have more cadence as is logical, but these projectiles when they hit the enemy will do less damage than those of the shotgun.

So to kill an enemy you need more shots than with the default weapon, but it will be compensated by a higher cadence.

All rewards are granted by the Dropman :) (if the player finds them during their game), the hat is only the skin icon, you can see what the skin will give the character in the previous post news of the explanation of the dropman friend. :)

I leave you a link here so you can see the news if you want: https://realizaestudios.newgrounds.com/news/post/1065536

Ah, okay, Arcade-style, great :)
But which rifle will destroy an enemy in the shortest time? One with less damage, higher fire rate, or more damage, less fire rate? (if we assume the enemy has the same amount of health both times)

Ah, right, now I remember, it was the logo for when the hat was received! :D

I have a type of weapon already designed for the base game, it will be the most destructive of the game only for Christmas levels, and it will kill by explosion, something like a "Fatman" from Happy Nightmare xD.

As I told you in the previous comment, I will make sure that the game has enough content to be enjoyable the day of its release in definitive version :).